Henna Aftercare!

After your design...
  • Let the paste dry and don't smear it!  This could take 30-45 minutes or longer; large/thickly filled areas will take longer, especially in humid weather.
  • Leave the dry paste on for as long as possible-- as many hours as you can!  The longer you keep the paste on, the darker your design will get, and the longer it will last.  
    • Optional: mix a little sugar into some lemon juice, and periodically dab a little onto your design using a cotton ball, and let it re-dry.
  • Let the paste crumble off on its own.  We don't especially recommend wearing it to bed, as paste crumbles can end up in the laundry and stain the sheets!
  • Once the paste is gone, moisturize!
  • When the paste first crumbles away, your design will be a pumpkin-orange color.  This color will darken over the next 24-36 hours into a nice, rich auburn (red-brown).
  • Before showering, apply a body lotion to cover your design.  Before bathing, swimming, or simmering in the hot tub, apply a lip balm to cover your design.
  • Moisturize daily to prolong the life of your design!
  • Avoid scrubbing, shaving, or exfoliating the area while you have your design.

Before you're painted, if possible:

  • Scrub/exfoliate the area to be painted for 1-2 days prior to receiving henna
  • Skip the lotion, moisturizer, and/or other body products (including sunscreen, bug spray, etc.), especially on the day you'll be painted